Separating Truth from Hype.

As an IT leader, the challenge of creating the future falls on your shoulders now more than ever. Endless tactical urgencies give you little time to think strategically. How can you sort through the barrage of new technologies and separate truth from hype? These issues are frustrating. That’s why we built EVOTEK Labs.

Your Challenges, Our Focus

Mapping a Strategy

Emerging Technology Forecasts

Strategic Technology Advisory

Access to Innovative Startups

We Can Help.

We enable your team to map out an emerging tech strategy that focuses on today’s needs with an eye on tomorrow’s opportunities. We’ll spot and evaluate new solutions that mainstream offerings can’t solve through Emerging Tech Forecasts, Labs Advisory Services, and Emerging Tech access.

Stop facing tomorrow’s challenges with yesterday’s solutions—start creating your future with EVOTEK Labs.

Check out our weekly video podcast, TEKnically Speaking, where we explore the emerging tech trends impacting our customers every day. In each 4-minute episode we explore a new enabling technology coming out of the world’s top research firms, academia, and early-stage start-up ecosystems. 

Join EVOTEK rockstars, Mark Campbell, Chief Innovation Officer and Ned Engelke, Chief Technology Officer, over your morning coffee to see what is just around the corner.

it's your future ... go create it