CyberSecurity – A Digital Business Enabler

More often than I like to admit; organizations have historically thought of IT security as an insurance policy designed to protect them against the kinds of data breaches we’ve all seen in the news.  I would like to encourage you to consider changing your view and not limit your thinking of Security as simply a method of a reducing risk but as a new enabler to the digital business.


Yes, it is true that Security has traditionally been seen as the brakes of the business and it’s hard to argue that this is not there by design because there is some truth to this proposition.  Allow me to suggest a different view, consider the Corvette Z06’s Brembo brakes.  Most people will tell you the reason those brakes were selected by the manufacturer is that they can stop the Corvette on a dime and yes, those brakes do stop the car quickly.  But I would argue that they were instead, selected because they enable the Corvette Z06 to travel Faster, safely.  To go faster safely you need good brakes and you need to trust that they will work when and as needed.  They don’t just enable you to go faster, the confidence they provide actually encourages you to go faster.



I would argue that when thoughtfully executed, a sound Cyber Security strategy is a great digital business enabler; capable of not only fueling growth but innovation as well.  Going well beyond simply supporting business initiatives, to encouraging the organization to confidently explore new lines of business.



Want to see more then check out Cisco’s Security micro-site or take a look at these survey results, Cybersecurity as a Growth Advantage which indicates that one-third of finance and line-of-business (LOB) executives now view cyber security primarily as a growth enabler. As always, feel free to ping me. Or if you liked this post then please share and like it – Thanks!