Cyber Security Advice

I have recently been asked for strategic Cyber Security advice, below is a high level summary of what I typically recommend and I thought I would share it with everyone.


Establish your business objectives and set priorities for securing your critical infrastructure.  Consider your business objectives and your level of risk tolerance based on the unique needs of your organization.  Assess your current readiness for a sophisticated attack.  The threat model is evolving and your organization must ensure that it has the resources and tools necessary to identify and stop an attack, determine what was compromised, and begin the remediation process.  Leverage the NIST framework to ensure that you are taking a holistic view in assessing your capabilities.



Develop a proactive security plan to protect your organization that aligns to your business objectives.


Identify how you can collect and leverage security cloud intelligencemachine learning and deception to enhance your readiness and responsiveness.  


Security intelligence and analytics tools can actively monitor and correlate data activity across multiple security technologies, offering you the visibility and insight into what’s going on in your environment—to help you spot and investigate the kind of suspicious activity that could indicate an attack is underway.


Make sure your security program has clearly defined ownership and leadership assigned across critical business areas.  Rapid response is critical when an incident occurs and having an Incident Response (IR) plan in place is an effective governance structure.   It should also incorporate a well-defined communication processes as this will help to minimize the potential brand damage.


The security landscape is rapidly evolving, let me know if you want to hear more.